Friday, April 17, 2009

Out of town but still scrapping away!

So the kids were to have a week vacation with Grami and Grampi Linda. Unfortunately, she hadn't been feeling too well and constant oxygen wasn't helping. We got a call Thursday morning that they needed us up here - so of course we came! Worried about Mom and praying that things were okay.... She has pneumonia and the antibiotics are working well. She is slowly but steadily feeling better. Scary - my dad was misdiagnosed repeatedly last year, and finally one doctor took a look at his chest x-ray and said "You've got double pneumonia" and he was pretty close to death at that point. Very strong antibiotics again got him through it. Linda has some lifestyle changes that need to be made to continue her plan of getting healthy. And we are here in Wells to support her, care for her, and let her know she is strong and she can do it.

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