Monday, April 20, 2009

It's more of a Guideline...

I just wanted to share my opinion on sketches... they are adaptable. They may make a total correlation when you compare them to your finished LO and some might have a hard time grasping what it was that inspired you.
I go off on this tangent because I got the pleasure of setting up a first timer!! My fam ily is currently visitting in Nevada with my in-laws. Today, my mother-in-law (Mom) and I "killed time" in - what I thought was going to be a little gift shops with the wooden signs and funny joke candies... In about 2.2 seconds upon walking through the door I saw prima flowers. I was in heaven. I haven't left this house in 5 days and I brought about 1/8 of my "stash" so I was happy just to browse and get inspiration. If I stumbled upon something well, worse things have happened.
That's when Mom said those magic words "I want to scrapbook our {motorcycle} ride." And she wanted me to help set her up with a Harley/travel kit and the basics to scrapbook. You know, I love shopping for myself, but getting a newbie set-up is SOOOO much fun!! I got her a good start and we plan to start tomorrow when the kids nap. I have been thinking of beginner tips and inspiration. She saw me working on a sketch for a crop-challenge on cafemom and said, "Oh you have a map!" Got me thinking, some sketches would be a nice addition to her stash, however I must impart upon her the wonderous thing of IMPERFECTION.
Yes, Imperfection. I have spent hours trying to recreate a sketch line for line, and am happy with it in the end. But when I go "off a sketch", as by meaning - make it my own - I am usually Thrilled with it.

My imparting words : copy the whole thing. Copy the photo placement, the journaling blocks, the color, the theme, the TITLE : goodness ANYTHING!! Just get inspired and scrapbook!!

My Sketch for the challenge, looks to me to suit 12x12 better. I am working on Marcus's birthday album, and it's an 8x8. I really didn't think I could get it all on. {And honestly, didn't have 3 of this "incident" printed}

So other than the missing third photo and the addition of the arrow, this LO is extremely similar.

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