Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Uses for Hand-Me-Downs

Cleaning out our garage for preparation for a yard sale unearthed a bag of jeans from Marcus's cousin Jordan. Great, right? Well - not pants!! Jordan is tall and lean, and no chance will his pants ever fit Marcus. When Marcus was 2.5, his waist size matched Jordan's when he was 6! So I found a new use for them!! In scrapbooking, of course!
I ran errands with the fam, and cut circles... circles... circles....

Then I put all the circles in a larger-sized ziploc bag, added water and agitated with my hands. Really give it a nice massage :D

So you don't lose all your circles in your dryer vent, dump them all in a pillowcase and tie it in a knot. Then toss it in the dryer until dry or at least frayed to your liking. Stack and tack together with buttons, needle and thread or floss.

I cut many with the seam, just cause I liked the authentic detail it gave it. To remove some bulk and help it to lay flatter you can cut the edge of the inside seam off, as shown below. I recommend doing this after you've "washed" and dried them.


  1. This does not surprise me in the least coming from you, you crafty gal, you!! Very cute indeed! I love repurposing something like that!

  2. Sorry we couldn't stay longer at Cora's party today! I thought about coming back with Carter after we sent Eric off for camping, but Carter was in desperate need of a nap. I hope the party was a blast!

  3. I love the crafty Idea Sara! I would've never "thunk" that far outside the box. You are an inspiration to all of us who are compelled to color inside the lines! Thanks for sharing Sara..YOU ROCK!


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